Friday, 18 May 2012

The Challenge

The Challenge.

Hey there! I want to see what you guys are made of and some of your creative skills, so i'm running a competition to see who comes up with the most inovative ideas for their android smartphone. Basically, there are two catagories:

 -Customisation (Themes, UI changes, Elegant design etc)

-Uses (for example I made my galaxy note a mini computer with some accessories)

There will be a cash prize for each category. The challenge is open to any smartphone or tablet brand and model.

Entries close on July 30th.

Once entries close, I will select 3 finalists from each category and then there will be a public vote to determine the final winners.

Submit a video response or post pictures this blog.


Let your particular devices' XDA community involved by posting the challenge video in the general section (remember to be respectful and do not spam). We want as many people to join in as possible! The more the better!

*Note, This is an experiment, if lots of people get involved and all goes well, i'll host another challenge with bigger prizes and possibly a bounty. 

So that's it folks, Get cranking!


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  2. Hey, are you thinking about doing another one of these? I've just recently got into custom UI's & created one on my Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Tab 10.1 Would love to get involved!


    1. It's still on! the deadline has been extended to the 30th :) just post here or post a video response to the youtube video

  3. Say, if you haven't seen this before. You'll love this. This concept was hatched by Andrew Kim 3 yrs ago. Even the UI is still ahead of it's time today. How do you like the UI?