Thursday, 29 March 2012

[Apps & Announcements] 

[Information about some applications that have been featured in my videos + Other news]

Most work on the galaxy note will be postponed until the offical ICS ROM get's released by Samsung. Reason being, as I explained to one viewer "I'm waiting on the ICS update so I can whip up an absolute smartphone customisation storm with custom ROMs with full s-pen functions etc, and show you guys"
Until then, I have some Juicy TF prime videos (i.e more pushing of the tegra 3 to it's limits ;)

Stay tuned!

Dark meadow: The pact, now available for tegra 3! STUNNING graphics!!

Get Apparatus free:

Galaxy Note Android 4.0 (ICS) Teaser:

Galaxy Note sells 5 million units:

Temple Run is now available for android!!

The Cubed music player widget has apparently changed, Get the old one back here.

Kingsoft office has now fixed the GPU acceleration glitch.

Overscreen Browser now has a full window mode, better youtube integration and a tabbed mode.

Dolphin Browser now has improved ICS support (less freezing and more stability).

Speak to it assistant now can call local places and also features improved general skills.


  1. Hi James, thanks for your work, I have a problem with music player 3: how show the album cover in the widjet? Never appears with all widjet(small, medium, large),can y help me?

    1. This was from the FAQ section on my page :)

      [Q] Why does my cubed music player widget look different?

      [A] Download an older version here:

      Just download and install that version of the player and it should be back to normal

  2. Hi James . . . i have been looking at your video on the Samsung Note, i have placed an order for one straight away. Can you tell me Where i can get the over screen software for it ? i tried to search for it for the HTC sensation but i can find it. . . .
    Also i cant get the ADW EX launcher and the Multi wall paper to rotate properly on my HTC sensation, any tips? . .
    Thank in advance Ben

  3. Hey!
    ICS has been Officially Launched for Galaxy Note, i hope you have it on your device by Galaxy Note will be arriving any day, can't wait for your new videos :)
    Love your work, you're doing great!
    *thumbs up*

  4. James, you are awesome, I bought a galaxy note 2 and a 64 gig sd card, installed it and tried to transfer games and photos and card is not reading. I was told we could not transfer apps or anything to sd card is this true and why have external storage if you cannot use it.