Monday, 3 December 2012

New Wallpaper Pack [1968 Retro]

                              [New Wallpaper Pack]

I always found this era fascinating. So why not have a wallpaper pack to encapsulate it? Here's a sample of a few. Download link:



  1. Very awesome dude. You definitely got style.

    I'm curious, and responding to some of my questions will help :
    - how did you develop your style? Do you work or go to school in a design or fashion related environment?
    - what software do you use to do your videos?
    - what's the name of the police you use in your videos?


    1. Hey!

      Thanks for the comment.
      -My style literally was just from my head. I'm actually an engineer! Haha so I guess it's just natural if you can say that.
      -I use Adobe After Effects CS5.5
      -I'm actually not sure what you mean by "police" I would be glad to answer that otherwise!
      Hope that helps somewhat

    2. By "police" he actualy mean "font" I think, police is french and I speak french so I guess he asked : What font do you use in your video ?

  2. Hey James, its Nick ur biggest fan.
    I found this contest from samsung, Which is perfect for you to win. since you enhance samsungs interface quite alot!

    Please make sure you send in something before 10 Februari!

    Hope you will attribute to this contest!



  3. Hey man,
    Big fan since your tutorials on the first note which I just sold for the note 2 and now anticipating the release of the note 3.
    I just wanted to know your views on the whole Android vs iOS war. Do you think there is room in the industry now for another competing operating system maybe from the likes of windows or do you think Google is set to take over the world.
    Big ups from Perth! Represent!

  4. Hi man, I'm speaking from Brazil. Your stuff are very creative and stylish. I have a question about that lockscreen live wallpaper you have; I also have widget locker and multilive wallpaper on my galaxy note 2 but I don't have a clue on how you animate your lockscreen at the very beginning of that widgetlocker tutorial. Is that a function or another app?

  5. Awesome! Thanks so much, Loving your YouTube channel/tutorials! :)

  6. Where did you get these pics?? I nearly searched every pic with Google Googles but didn't get the answer. And every pic has same the resolution. Some pics gave me Nostalgia. I identified The Great Gatsby cover pic & a Roy Orbison pic. But others are still mystery. I am eagerly waiting for your reply..