Tuesday, 27 November 2012

3D UI Getting Stuck?

Hey all!

I think the a lot of people are having a problem with the wallpapers getting "stuck" mid transition when unlocking the phone or getting out of an app. It seems that this problem occurs when changing orientation. If your lockscreen is in portrait and your launcher is in landscape, it's best to have them both in portrait or, you could do what I do, and use another locker (such as widget locker) that allows for landscape orientation and then have them both in landscape.
Hope that helps!


  1. Changing multi wallpaper transition effect to none fixed it for me.. A little trade off to keep the portrait lockscreen

  2. Have to say I have that sticking problem, even with no lock screen and Go set to portrait, or even set to auto rotate. My SC-025 also shows some color leakage around the home screen, which is dark with a green background. Can set the background to the same color as the screen of course, but then that kind of defeats the look.

    I also find that if I set Go to scroll through screens in a circular fashion (can go from, say 9, to one with a single swipe), the launcher gets confused about the individual wallpapers for the home screen and the highest numbered screen next to it. Swiping from 9 to 1 duplicates 9's wallpaper on 1 (the home screen). Takes another partial swipe to screen 2 to "remind" it what goes where. Not so sleek, that. Same going from 9 to 8 -- it "remembers" 9. Other transitions seem to have no trouble.

  3. Hey James
    I have been following your channel on youtube and I deeply appreciate your sense and style of making videos they are very proactive despite their length(s). I jus have one question regarding the 3D UI. You seem to have forgotten to add the "Video wallpaper". I did a little research based on what I saw and I think you're using a gif. Could you please point me to the right direction(which app , gif download link) and settings (if any)? ..
    P.S- If you see the same comment of mine elsewhere on YouTube , its just me trying to reach out to you at the earliest.